WorkHorse Review: Is This WordPress SEO Plugin by Alex Becker & Yashar of Source Wave Just Another Hyped Up Tool? Unfortunately, That’s What It Looks Like.

WorkHorse is a hyped-up SEO plugin that was never launched for reasons that some speculate is because it is actually HorseSHIT. Now, I'm not trying to bash the plugin just to create drama, I originally wrote this review with the intention of actually promoting it.

But after some recent news came out that the proof might be a little fishy, the launch date kept getting pushed back, and my affiliate application was never approved, I was very skeptical and decided to change this review. I'm not the only one who feels this way either. Here's a recent comment from YouTube.

Below is what I originally wrote about what it's SUPPOSED to do. But since its free, you can do test it for yourself and decide on your own, as long as you're willing to deal with the negative aspects of using this plugin.

Overview: What Is The WorkHorse WordPress SEO Plugin?

Who The Heck Is Yashar Ghaffarloo?

Yashar worked behind the scenes with Alex Becker to help create this software. He is a 15 year old with lots of knowledge and unique techniques to building links, such as his "Hidden Link Method" which lets you get blog comment links that get approved nearly 100% of the time, because the actual link can't be seen by the website owner. In other words, he's a friggen genuis!

He runs his own SEO Facebook Group called Yashar's SEO Mastermind which attracted 2,000 members, including some pretty well-known names, in just a few months. He is constantly providing value to the SEO community as a whole, testing and sharing advanced SEO techniques that few people even know exist.

Watch This Video Review

How Does It Work?

Basically, this is a local SEO plugin for WordPress that automatically creates local pages for every city and state, using it's built-in content scraper and spinner. It comes with US/UK cities preloaded right now and they're considering adding Canada in the future as well. Google highly values the unique content and the location specific information in every page which results in top rankings with little effort.

DEMO Site Doesn't Even Exist

The Workhorse plugin by Alex Becker doesn't actually work. Here is an image of the demo site in the video that no longer exists.

List of Features

This plugin is not the easiest to install depending on your hosting configuration, but if you can get it to work it will creates a bunch of pages that might rank for a little bit until your site gets penalized. pretty darn powerful and is packed with features to eliminate manual work and get your site ranked super fast.

Creates Thousands of Unique Pages That RANK Almost Instantly

Alex released a free plugin a while back called SourceFlood, which allowed people to create thousands of pages with unique city and state names. The problem with it was that it didn't spin the content and only changed the location names.

The software takes this to the next level and actually optimizes the pages for you so you don't have to manually edit each and every single one. This saves so much time compared to what SourceFlood was able to do. And as you know, time = MONEY.

Town, State, City and Country Page Generation

You can easily create pages for the Town, City, State and Country just by filling out the simple forms inside WorkHorse. What's even crazier is WH can internally link these pages together in a powerful SILO structure that Google absolutely loves.

So instead of blasting out thousands of city pages, it basically creates and entire site for you (if that's what you want) and creates all the navigational structures to help it rank quickly.

Local Optimization

One of the biggest pains when creating Local SEO pages is matching the Zip Code with the Town. WorkHorse will automatically put the Zip Code for each Town in every page title and URL which Google can't get enough of.

This Hyper-Local Optimization gives you an unfair advantage in the SERPS and you'll find pages ranking in many cities without any backlinks just because they are optimized so well.

Automated Content Generation & Scraping Capabilities

Unlike SourceFlood, WH actually spins the content in every local page you create so it's unique in Google's eyes beyond just having a different city name. This is a huge time saver because you won't have to manually spin content and upload it to your site.

The plugin uses the latest spinning technology so your content is not only unique to Google, but also reads well to humans, which is also a ranking factor now. Believe it or not, unreadable content can get you penalized and WorkHorse solves that beautifully.

Complete Integration

Unlike other plugins and software, WH integrates with multiple platforms, including Shopify. In other words it isn't just limited to WordPress alone. There aren't any other apps out there that do this which gives you another advantage. You can rank pages locally for all kinds of products and services, not just Local Businesses.

Think of the possibilities.... you can rank local CPA offers, giveaways, pay per call offers, dentists, plumbers, landscapers, the list is virtually endless.

Full Schema Markup

Unless you've been living under a rock (my apologies if that's actually the case) then you've probably heard all the talk and hype about Schema markup and maybe even bought a plugin (ahem... ProjectSupremacy) about it. The reason there is so much hype about Schema markup is because it WORKS!

If you don't know what Schema is, it's basically a special code on your site that only Google sees, that tells BigG what your site is about. Schema has crazy effects on local rankings because nobody is doing it. With WorkHorse, Schema is automatically added to all your pages and optimized without touching any code at all.

UPDATE: Not sure if the schema feature works or not, and I don't really care to test it out, but they say it's there and it's free, so go test it!​

My Unbiased Review

Pros: What I Liked

  • It's free

Cons: What Could Be Improved

  • No support or help is offered from the creators, other than 3 videos
  • It doesn't work with every hosting configuration.
  • It won't be updated, ever. (Yes, it's open source, but who wants to mess with the code? Not me.)
  • It relies on ranking loopholes that may or may not exist in the long term.
  • It's a FREE WordPress plugin, not enterprise software. Don't expect much.

Don't Download WorkHorse, Here's Why

WorkHorse was never launched to the public. There is speculation that because the plugin didn't work as effectively as promised in the sales and pre-launch videos, the creators decided to scrap the launch and give it away for free to save their reputation.

While I cannot say with absolute certainty this is what happened, I have investigated both sides of the argument thoroughly, and I personally believe that Workhorse isn't nearly as powerful and amazing as originally claimed, and was given away for free rather than sold to generate good will, instead of a tsunami of refunds for a plugin that doesn't work as advertised. Disagree if you want, but here are some facts:

  1. All the "proof" sites are down and the original screenshots and videos were difficult to see what was going on.
  2. There is no proof of the site that was claimed to be sold for $300,000. Not a domain, niche, monetization strategy, nothing.
  3. The launch date kept getting pushed back and back, which one could speculate is because the plugin didn't work well enough to be sold.

If you really want to see if this plugin is all it's cracked up to be, go download it from Source Wave and fiddle around with it. Good luck getting support and answers, because they aren't supporting the ongoing development or providing dedicated customer support since it's free.

If you're willing to actually do some REAL work (instead of buying into the FANTASY that you can click a few buttons and a magical plugin that will send you thousands of visitors a day) and learn how to actually build profitable affiliate websites you can sell for 5+ figures, then check out the course below. I bought it and I've already made my money back on my investment through the support in the Facebook group and course material.

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